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Memorial Candles
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DavidCarry DavidCarryFR lit a candle on 11/11/2020: "Normally I ?o not re?d article on blogs, howeveг I wish to say that this write-up very compelled mе t?…"
DtlzBruicky GenuhaBruickyXB lit a candle on 11/01/2020: "SinaBruicky"
NcasoraneBruicky FhnfBruickyXB lit a candle on 10/17/2020: "rfvbkmrfBruicky"
GalinuhaBruicky BellaBruickyXB lit a candle on 10/14/2020: "zldbufBruicky"
GroinBruicky MilankaBruickyXB lit a candle on 10/11/2020: "fyfcnfcrfBruicky"
AlbinkaBruicky CoigasBruickyXB lit a candle on 10/02/2020: "cntgehfBruicky"
ArsuitBruicky ValenciaBruickyXB lit a candle on 09/29/2020: "rjhytkbzBruicky"
EvdohaBruicky VtkfyzBruickyJU lit a candle on 09/24/2020: "Hello. And Bye. tdutysxBruicky"
Qqrhuygql EftickpklMV lit a candle on 09/05/2020: "ничего особенного"
EudosBruicky FhnfvjyBruickyJU lit a candle on 09/05/2020: "Hello. And Bye. CoironBruicky"
VbnekzBruicky DbjktnnfBruickyJU lit a candle on 09/02/2020: "Hello. And Bye. euphrosiniaBruicky"
MixGlync MixGlyncAO lit a candle on 08/24/2020: "Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes. PS: How are you? I am from France :)"
AriurinBruicky EfrosinychBruickyJU lit a candle on 08/18/2020: "Hello. And Bye. MiromiceBruicky"
TholyunyaBruicky MaryamBruickyJU lit a candle on 08/13/2020: "Hello. And Bye. vbnekzBruicky"
NorvezhskiyDombeics NorvezhskiyDombeicsF-M lit a candle on 06/26/2020: "Норвежский дом проекты цена под ключ за 1 день Строительство норвежских домов под ключ за 1 день"
FrcbymzBruicky KirillBruickyJU lit a candle on 06/21/2020: "Hello. And Bye."
CharlieLefem CharlieLefemIM lit a candle on 06/17/2020: "Hello. And Bye."
DickBruicky CatterpillarBruickyJ-U lit a candle on 06/17/2020: "Hello. And Bye. MironBruicky"
LfyfBruicky DzxtckfdrfBruickyJU lit a candle on 06/15/2020: "Hello. And Bye."
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