Joshua Omvig
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Mom and Dad Dating...Winter 1972
How it all began...Randy brings Ellen home to meet the family, winter 1972
Late Summer 1983
Momma Pregnant with Josh (picture of family...Daddy, Big Brother Jake, and Momma @ Grandma's.
Born in Gillette, Wyoming on November 18, 1983.
December 1983 3.5 weeks old
Josh and Daddy, just three and a half weeks old
Spring 1984
Daddy (who is a wrestling coach) breaking Josh in early....but it looks like Joshie is PINNING HIM!
1986 Three Years Old
Joshua at Three Years Old (such a cutie)
1987 (December) Josh Four Years Old
Josh, here with big brother Jacob...Josh is 4 years old, Jake is six years old
November 5, 2004 MICHAEL PELKEY

Michael passed away November 5, 2004, at his home in Oklahoma, from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest





Michael and his son Ben, husband to Stephanie

One Wife's TRAGIC Story (click link below):
"Returning Vet PTSD: One Wife's Story"
Statement of Stefanie E. Pelkey

At Stefanie's request and with her permission we are sharing a picture of her beloved Michael and their baby along with a poem she wrote about him shortly after she heard about our Josh's death

Here's a poem I wrote for Mike and I wrote it
shortly after I heard of your Josh's death. Would
you post a pic and the poem of Michael so people
know about him too, so they know there are more?
Thanks, Stefanie

My Soldier Waits in Heaven / Stefanie Pelkey
(Wife of Michael, Mother of Benjamin)

My Soldier waits in Heaven
You were a father, a soldier, a husband, a son
Your service and memory will live on
Your heart and mind would not forget
The war and horror would not relent
My Michael, my husband, my best friend
You could not continue to withstand the pain
We will never forget your smile and your shine
I will pass it on to the child you left behind
My Michael you made us who we are today
May your soul rest in Heaven, may we meet again

By Stefanie Ellen Pelkey
In Memory of Michael Pelkey

November 24, 2005 TIMOTHY BOWMAN

Tim passed away November 24, 2005, at his home in Illinois from a self inflicted gunshot to the head.
Son to Mike and Kim Brother to Michelle 






Tim's story as reported by Chris Adams of McClatchy Newspapers

Tim's Memorial Website

December 22, 2005 JOSHUA LEE OMVIG

Josh passed away at his home in Iowa on December 22, 2005 from a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. He was 22 years old.






Son to Randy and Ellen, brother to Jacob and Rachel
Nephew to Rick, Russ, and Julie

News Articles Resulting from Josh's Death due to PTSD Military:

The Joshua Omvig Veterans' Suicide Prevention Act

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