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Wife of a Vet with PTSD who didn't make it  / Pat Vaughn
  I am so sorry to hear our young soldiers are not getting the help they need. I thought after Viet Nam our Goverment would wise up. My husband Lannie returned from war in Aug. 1972 We married in 1973. He suffered for 31 years. He said he was living in HELL here on earth. We tried the VA in Dallas and they thought he should just quit work and everything would be ok. I don't know who was going to support us with 2 children. We went before a board in Waco to officially be diagonised with PTSD. One Dr. slept thru everything. Lannie knew he had to stay alive for his family. If you haven't lived with someone with PTSD I can't explain the hell it can be. I can't explain how deep into depression they can go.  Don't hide it from their families, because, they need to know what he is going thru. He had to make himself better at least for awhile. I can look back now and see how he was going down hill. A DR. at the VA in Kerrville Tx. told me his brain was just eat up from alcohol when I called him for help. He was only 21 when he came back from Viet Nam. He was 52 when he became a victim of suicide on Oct. 27,2003. It is my prayer that no more families have to go thru the horror of suicide. May God Bless Always,
Thanks / Sidney Greenbush (Fan and "Carrie" From "Little House On The Prairie" TV Series )

We can never repay the debt we owe to those that have served so that the rest of us can live free.

All we can do is say thank you and make sure your gift to the free is never forgotten

Rest in Peace

*note from Julie..Josh's Aunt*
Sidney, Josh's family THANKS YOU from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read his site, and leave us your condolences. For those reading, You can visit Sidney and Lindsay's website here:
Humble Condolences  / Terry Shifflett (comrad in arms )
I am a Desert Storm Vet, totally disabled because of PTSD. many of my fellow vets, as well as myself, know the torment your son was going through. On behalf of US, I Humbly offer our Heart felt condolences.

I went thru, and put my family thru Hell, for over 10 years, before I could get any help. untreated, it Destroys Families. I found myself on the streets, broke, hungry, and suicidal.Someone was Praying, or I would'nt be writing this letter.

The good news is, there is help out there, but you have to push it, Our troops should automatically should be put thru at least 3 months of counseling, preferrably with former vets who understand where there coming from, as soon as they get back. I went thru the PTSD program in the Waco VA, and it made a big difference in me. talking to other vets, along with the staff, put me on a better track. I have my family now, and that alone is a blessing in itself.

I hope this helps, I will be Praying for all of you to receive comfort and peace in your time of sorrow.
God Bless, Terry
Thank you for your service to our country, Josh.  / Ilona Meagher (none)
And thank you to the Omvig family for creating this important website. May you find peace... "God seemed to have made him just what he was that he might be a blessing to others, and when the influence of his character and abilities began to be felt, removed him. These are Mysteries, my Dear, that we cannot contemplate without astonishment, but which will nevertheless be explained hereafter, and must in the mean time be revered in silence." -- William Cowper
This was the hardest story I have read  / Ann Kroncke (None)
I was so moved by Josh's story, and I cried.  I felt his parents' pain, his friends, family and loved ones as well.  My former husband still suffers from PTSD from the Gulf War.  He was too young to have this happen to him!  So was my former husband.  I believe that they should have a debriefing BEFORE they come home.  Give the heros and their families the extra support to deal with this and recognize the symptoms, and the path of descruction it leaves.  I may suffer from PTSD as well, as I cannot stand to hear about WAR and FRIENDLY FIRE and hearing how families are losing their babies.  But I'm not a doctor, so who is to say.  It's a miracle my former husband came home at all. 

I will pray for Josh's soul and that he find peace and comfort in the arms of the angels.  Bless Josh's family and everyone who suffers from this silent killer, and all the heros who lost their lives. 
Not much has changed since viet nam, Joshua.  / Mitchell Shablin (Veteran)

No Shame  / Chaplain Gregory Helle
I am a Vietnam veteran who is totally disabled with chronic PTSD.  I have been both moved and saddened by Josh's story.  I have prayed so much that this generation would not have to walk in my footsteps but instead be welcomed, supported, and given the support to live with the wounds of war. 

There is no shame with PTSD.  Josh came home with wounds that were not visible, but wounds none the less.  We should all honor our heroes, not just when they are at war, but also when they return.  All these young people willingly went to war for us, it is our duty now to ensure that we are there for them.   No one should have to walk alone.  

The Lord taught us to love.  My love goes to Josh, to his family, and to his friends as they go through the difficult times.  My love goes out to all the young soldiers as they return.  May we not carry the shame of forgetting our heroes and not providing for all their wounds.  May the Lord move all to join you in your cause, as I will, to help our heroes live the full American dream - a dream they were willing to die for.  

My prayers are with you always.
PTSD / Judy Alexander (non)
First, I offer my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your son.  I lost my daughter Lesley Alexander to cancer on 12/26/04 and it is not a bit easier to bear the loss of a child you have loved so dearly.  Secondly, I had no idea that PTSD was so underfunded by our Government.  I say less money to welfare recipients and let's help our men and women who are laying the lives on the line to go to war.  I am going to write my Senators and Congressman from Alabama tonight - a personal note- that they MUST support funding for our veterans.  There needs to be a major letter writing campaign to all major newspapers and let's get The Today Show to do some stories to get the exposure that is so desperately needed.
Lost my son to suicide  / Mary Ann Vaughan
I am so sorry for your loss.  There are so many people out there who do need help and we just don't realize until it's too late.  My son did not serve in the service, but went through a divorce & could not deal w/the life he was left with.  I never realized he was so depressed.  I thought it was something he would get over as so many do, but it was not to be.  Since October 18, 2004 it has been such a nightmare for us.  I feel as his mother I should have been able to take care of him but it is too late now.  We just struggle to make some kind on since out of our lives now.  My prayers are w/you.  Please visit Bryans site.  Bryan Storys mom (Mary Ann) God Bless Your Son.
Have you seen Operation Love Our Troops? -
Leave messages of support to our military heores. The website is from the people from It's a great idea and a way to say thanks to our troops who do so much for our great nation.

Doing something meaningful  / Matt Breen (None)
First, let me offer my condolences to Randy and Ellen, Josh's parents. As a father of three myself, I couldn't imagine what the loss of a child would do.

I didn't know Josh. That is to say I didn't know him until his aunt, Julie Westly, started talking to me about him. She spoke glowingly about his singular committment to his country and his selfless service in the Army Reserve. Julie also vowed that his death wouldn't have been in vain.

Too often we talk about the sacrifice our soldiers make, every day, to ensure we have the freedoms we enjoy. But, rarely do we do something about it. Here's my contribution... I want to ask Josh's fellow soldiers, who are undoubtedly suffering from PTSD, to call me. I want the opportunity to talk directly with those soldiers affected to bring attention to the disorder. Too many are suffering silently.

For those willing... my information is as follows:
Matt Breen
Evening News Anchor
3135 Floyd Blvd.
Sioux City, IA 51108
1-800-234-5848, x-223
Life / Rev. Lin McGee (Military Mom, Wife, and Daughter )
Life can be so difficult and impossible to understand.  Such a horrific loss you have had.  Such a beautiful young man so full of promise.  My father served in WWII, my husband Viet Nam, my sons Jim and Dan Iraq -- why is there war -- why does the war never end?  One day we shall know and understand -- our good Lord will grant us that -- yet, for now, we must ban together for strength and support.  Sorrow knows no family lines -- we become family through the struggles of life.  My prayers are with ALL of you -- and also with all of the others suffering with PTSD -- IT IS REAL -- AND IT IS PAINFUL!!!  Prayers, Lin
God's Arms  / Sharon Hattaway
My condolences to all Josh's family and loved ones. Rest assured that Josh is now at Peace in God's Almighty Arms!
May God be with ALL our Military....Active and Retired. They will always need His guidance and your love and understanding!
Thanks a Military trooper today and everyday. Also, the police and firemen! Keep all in your prayers.
Sleeping... / Wayne Johnson (None)
I read the story about Josh, and I know the sadness that the family may feel. I would like to share with you a truth from the BIBLE, in the Book of 2 Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 8 we read: " Absent from the body, present with the LORD ". For Josh, it's good night earth, good morning to glory. JESUS refered to death as sleep, so Josh is only sleeping. It is like going to bed at 10 o'clock at night and waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning, it's that fast. In the book of Proverbs chapter 3 verses 5 and 6 we read " Trust in the LORD with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowlodge him, and he shall direct thy path. You will see Josh again
Manager of Sisters Bound By Honor~Women Of Combat  / Terri Black (Aquaintance of Aunt Julie )
I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure Josh was an Awesome soldier and loyal brother to his comrads. There are thousands of us out here who suffer with, live & cope with combat PTSD. I'm sorry the information did not reach Josh in time.Unfortunately, Josh is not the first and won't be the last who felt so overwhlemed,that he took his life to escape the pain. I'm proud that you are carrying on his legacy in reaching out to educate others. My Vietnam Vet and myself have also reached out as well in providing Informational and support sites for the men and women of war, to provide education about PTSD and the aftermath of War. My sincere condolences to your whole family.
My Condolenses  / Allan Pederson
I am a Marine Vietnam Vet who lost both legs in Vietnam. I have had trouble with PTSD most of my life. It's gotten worse in the last ten years. I wish you success with your project. Are you aware of ? This is for Vietnam Veterans but it is quite an amazing site.
clowning around  / Jason Stahl (fellow soldier in the 339th MP Co. )
Josh was always doing goofy things to keep us laughing. He is the kind of guy that you hope you get the chance to hang out with, you could walk into his tent and at anytime you might see something that would make you start laughing and not be able to say what ever you were there to say. He always looked out for the rest of us, helped out when was needed and only camplained when he thought he could get away with it.  I think about Josh on a daily basis, and I miss him very much. I put up a picture of him  acting silly on my computer desk just so I can still say hi once in a while.  those of us who know him will never forget him.
Our prayers are with you  / Matthew Brown (Friend of Family )
Just know that Joy, I and the kids will be praying for your family, and if there is anything we can do all you need to do is ask.
we are here  / David Butler Family (coach and friend of the family )
to the Omvig Family we are her to support you in anyway we can help.
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