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I feel your pain  / Sherri Spray
Please accept my heartfelt sympathies. I am not a stranger to loss, as I lost my husband to cancer. My brother was in the first Iraq war and has suffered from PTSS ever since, among other physical problems. I am so sorry that Josh felt he had no choice in how to end his pain. It just breaks my heart.
I feel your loss  / Myrna Rivera (none)

I am a Marine Mom.  My son departed today to Japan and than on to his 2nd deployment in Iraq (Afghanistan last year).  After reading this thread, I agree that we must write to our local Congressmen to address this very real issue.  My prayers are with you, your family, and Josh's Band of Brothers.  I lost my daughter 6-1/2 yrs ago, and I sympathize with losing a child--and now I have to worry about my only son in the middle of combat.  What a beautiful tribute to Josh's life.  God Bless...Semper Fi

Support needed when they come home  / Terri Jones (Mother of Fallen Soldier )
I am so sorry of your loss.  My son SPC Jason Cooper served with the 308th Quartermaster of Washington, IA in Iraq from Dec 03 to March 05, shortly after returning home he started suffering from flashbacks and nightmares.  He wanted to speak to his chaplain but he had been reassigned to MN.  The VA was a joke and he didn't see how they would help him.  Four months after coming home and not one follow-up call from the Army, my son took his life on July 14, 2005.  When I had to make the funeral arrangements I was passed around to several government offices and each one tells me "we are so sorry for you loss, just know that you are not the only one and so when I ask how many others are there, they tell me no department keeps track of the numbers.  Of course, they don't then they would have to answer to it.  Please listen to your soldier, get them help right away when things seem just even slightly wrong.  Our brave warriors, need us when they come home.  The Support doesn't end when they come home.  My prayers and thoughts to Joshua's family and friends.  Just know that they are pulling guard duty over us until we come home.
An Angel Named Jason Once Called Me Mom
Terri Jones
A Noble Memorium  / Sean T. Lewis (comrade)
I am also a veteran with PTSD. I lost my grandfather to PTSD (much like Joshua), my father to Agent Orange, and came close to Joshua's fate a few times myself after coming home from the first Gulf War. You have my deepest sympathy, and my admiration for turning your grief into action. May your faith, love, and strength stay with you through this difficult time.
Thank you for your work  / Dianna
Thank you to Josh's wonderful family for the valuable work you are doing to help others. It's a great tribute to Josh, whose memory will live on. Words cannot convey my gratitude to Josh and the others who fight so valiantly for the people of our country. Nor can words adequately convey my condolences for Josh's family. May God bless you.
A Great Person  / Tonya Huls (High School Friend )
Although it was five years ago - it seems just yesterday since we roamed the halls together at Grundy.  I remember him the most during Academic Decathlon, when we and a group of others would stay after school to learn the different subjects that we would be tested over.  Josh always had a great sense of humor and would let us know when we were becoming too serious.  He always looked out for his friends, and he was a hero to me even before he joined the military.

His passing was of great shock to me - and I felt so horribly for his family.  I send my condolences to all of you.  Jake - if you happen to read this - know I am praying for you as well.

Losing Josh has been hard - as losing one of your heros always is, but I know he is in a better place - watching over us with his ever watchful eye and sense of humor all of us who knew and loved him miss so much.

Thank you Josh for being a hero in life.
This is SO preventable  / Walker Bennett (fellow PTSD victim )
Please accept my sincere condolances for your, and the world's, loss.

I have had PTSD for 40 years from Vietnam.  Conditions on the battlefield are now much worse today than what I went throiugh, but then it was totally unrecognized.  After many counseling sessions (out my my pocket), I got it under control.  The depression left, but today I still hit the deck when there's a loud noise or I smell cordite.

Prevention is simple...don't put the finest of ouir young in harm's way.
For Joshua's Family and Friends...  / Carmen Voegeli

May your strength and love for Joshua see you through the hard times. God Bless you all~ Utah Voegeli's

so sorry  / Melissa Fazio (an angel )
To Josh's family, i'm so sorry for your loss, i can't even imagine the heartbreak you've gone through. I hope you have peace in knowing that he's no longer in pain or turmoil. My God bless you and keep you all. With love.
Joshua's Battle  / Philip Arcadipane (None)
May Joshua rest in peace now.
Joshua / Elaine Watson (not related )
Please accept my condolences at your loss of Joshua!  Any loss of a hero is tragic and it's even more difficult if it's a family member! Know that as a Soldiers' Angel, any troop fighting for our freedom and world peace is a HERO!  Know that Joshua is home now and you will be given the strength to make it thru this difficult time.  Sending angelhugz and love to all,
Elaine Watson aka Angel Koala
our hearts are saddened  / Pat White (soldiers angels )
To the family of Josh my heart felt  condolense go to all of you .I wished the war was over soon so no other has to suffer such pain , but praise God his suffering is no more he is rejoicing now  in peace..sending  huggggggs to all of you and his friends
Rest in Peace  / Carol Ingram

Condolences to Joshua's family. I am so sorry  for your loss. You are in my prayers and heart. Joshua will not be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

thanks to soldiers  / Donna Wininger (none)
I just finished reading this whole site,and must say it is definitely needed,but sorry to hear that it came about because of the death of your beloved son.My son served the first 13 mos.of the same conflict,(war), and he's made some comments that some people may not understand.My husband is a Vietnam vet,and hardly says a word about his time.I do believe that this generation can be more verbal, at times, and that helps some.I could never imagine what it must be like.I praise anyone who has served, even if not during wars, because it takes a certain person to do it.My son-in-law is currently on his 2nd tour,and will be in Iraq for 8+months. Everyday we say a prayer for him.My only advice to anyone,if you don't say "I Love You" as many times as you have the chance, you may not get another opportunity. GOD BLESS OU TROOPS SERVING NOW AND ALL OF THE FAMILIES, Donna C. Wininger,FRENCH LICK,INDIANA
Condolences / Gene Reinbolt (N/A)
As a Vietnam Veteran I wish to offer you my condolences.  I don't know if this web site will help other veterans and their families, but I sure it will be a great start.  I know PTSD is and how it can effect your self and your family from personal experance.  PTSD can only be taken care of by talking to people who have also experienced the same.
Navy Vet  / Charles Ward (Brother Vet )
My Heart cries for you Brother,i know what you went though i also have PTSD will see you soon Brother just save me a cup of mud.

Your brother moped
I'm very touched  / Brandi Sugrue
I'm very touched by the contents of this husband is on his 2nd tour of Iraq right now, and I remember when he first came home and for several months after, he would have nightmares in which he would stop breathing, and try to crush me in his sleep. The only way to wake him up was to talk to him, and tell him repeatedly that it was okay, he wasn't there anymore. Then, a few months later, we found out that he has a heart disorder now, possibly because he was stationed next to a power plant for 8 mos.

The heart disorder was never totally diagnosed, and an adequate treatment never found, and now my husband is there again. You all have a massive amount of my respect for what you are doing, as your loss is so much greater than mine, and yet you're doing something proactive about it. May Joshua rest in the arms of God, and may this help as many people as possible. --Brandi Sugrue


I had a flashback  just today
As I was walking on my way,
Just "poof" and I was there
in the land of oh! beware.

Was it the trees that came apart
tht caused my spirit to depart
or was it the whiff of spray
from the highway right of way,
the jet with it's low whine
as it went traveling through time.

I went hard all the way
and even the dogs ran away,
The wind had a eerie howl
as I lay there looking round.
It was  as if the ghosts
were Looking down
as I lay there on the ground.

Locked and loaded as I scanned
the other hillside up and down.
What a cruel trick for my mind  to play
as I went my merry way.
All thoughts of deer have fled my mind
Three more days for me to unwind,
I think of times that have been before
Of fallen comrads gone once more.
An Allan Jackson song comes to my mind
and when I get Home I know I'll find
a bottle of             and some limes
to drive this memory from my mind.
Thirty two years since that was through
   But still it haunts me in this time.
You never forget  what once you saw
from a little 'Jaunt " once upon a time

I will do my part  / Diane Houston (none)
I am so sorry to hear about your son/nephew/grandson and everything else he was.  My husband is coming back in 3 weeks.  I will be the first one to go to the chain of command if not enough is being done for those that are suffering from PTS.  I will try to do my part and educate the people who need it most and have never experianced PTS through a family member or friend.  I suffered from PTS not b/c of a deployment but from a VERY abusive (now ex) husband.  I only attempted to take my life but gratefully they brought me back!
I will keep your family in my prayers and be the voice on this side!!!!!
Thank you for your memorial.
So sorry for the loss of Joshua  / Gale Reid (GW veteran )
Thank you, Julie, for directing us here to pay our respects to Josh.  I am a Gulf War veteran (from 1991) and an Administrator on the American Gulf War Veteran Bulletin Board.  We applaud you for bringing this issue to the attention of the public and glad to have your presence on our site as well:

We have many veteran members suffering from the effects of war.  This has been a problem in all wars, and overlooked as a valid health condition.  In years past, it was considered something to be ashamed of and soldiers denied their symptoms for fear of being criticized or even court martialed. 

Josh performed his job and earned the respect of his country... It's too bad he wasn't properly evaluated when he came home for post-deployment conditions.  We salute you, Josh, for your service and now pray for your friends and family who miss you.

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